3 February: ESPI UNISPACE +50 Conference

31 January: ESPI evening event: China Engages: Opportunities and Prospects for the International Space Community


7 July: ESA-ESPI Workshop on ““Space Data & Cloud Computing Infrastructures: Policies and Regulations”, ESRIN, Rome

27-28 June: ESPI-ESA Conference "Space and SATCOM for 5G - European Transport and Connected Mobility" Brussels

13 June: ESPI evening event. Space Security: Space Security: Some Perspectives

28 March: ESPI Evening Event: Presentation of the book "Seeing Our Planet Whole: A Cultural and Ethical View of Earth Observation".

1 February: ESPI Evening Event: “India in Space: The Forward Look to International Cooperation”.


26-30 September: 67th International Astronautical Congress

13 April: Space Mining between the Space Treaties and the US Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act

24 February: Senior Voices Lunch Event: Amb. Peter Jankowitsch and Dr David Kendall in dialogue

11 January: The Latest Crop



21-22 September 2015: 9th ESPI Autumn Conference

23 June 2015: Afternoon Lecture by Frank A. Rose: Maintaining the Long-Term Sustainability and Security of the Outer Space Environment: The Role of Diplomacy

17 June 2015: US and European geospatial data policies: challenges of open data policy

15 April 2015: Big Data and Space

3 February 2015: Space for Global Health



11-12 September 2014: 8th ESPI Autumn Conference "The Governance of Space"

8-9 July 2014: Workshop "Innovative space-based solutions for future cities"

2 April 2014: Evening Event "Earth Observation Data as the Source and the Keeper of Regulation"

13 February 2014: Evening Event "Your country wants to do more in space? A toolbox"



11 November 2013: Space against Youth Unemployment

3 October 2013: Austrian Industry Meeting - Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP)

11-12 September 2013: 7th ESPI Autumn Conference: Space in a Changing World

20 June 2013: Evening event on "The Role of Ethics in the Discourse on Space Sustainability

11 April 2013: Evening event on "The Relevance of General International Law for Debris Questions"

25-26 February 2013: Workshop on the EUMETSAT-NOAA Cooperation Study

18 February 2013: Evening event on the use of earth observation data for marine ecosystem management

13 February 2013: ESPI/SWF joint event: The Province of Mankind providing sustainable benefits for all of Mankind - The role of Industry

22 January 2013: Crossing new frontiers - Franco-German cooperation in space (Programme)



20 September 2012: 6th ESPI Autumn Conference: Space at a Time of Financial Crisis

15 June 2012: Workshop on Partnership models for the benefit of sustainable space-based services

14 June 2012: Humanitarian Telemedicine

29 March 2012: Space Crisis Management Roundtable Meeting

23 March 2012: Workshop on ESA Enlargement

8 March 2012: Event with the Polish EU Council Presidency: Challenges for the EU's space policy

16 February 2012: ESPI/FFG event „The Face of the Earth - a Vanishing Resource“

17 January 2012: Europe-Japan workshop (report, programme and overview)



15 November 2011: ESPI/FFG workshop "Space Security: Issues Relevant for Austria"

14-15 September 2011: 5th Autumn Conference held at ESPI

19 July 2011: Joint event ESPI/ Ministry of National Development of Hungary "Space for Society: Achievements and results from the Hungarian EU Council Presidency in the field of Space Policy"

14 July 2011: ESPI/FFG book presentation: John M. Logsdon, "John F. Kennedy and the Race to the Moon"

7 June 2011: ESPI exhibition: Ulrike Kuchner, "measuring mistakes"

26-27 May 2011: ESPI Conference "Remote Sensing Regional Climate Change"

16 May 2011: Joint event of ESPI and the Arnold Schönberg Center: "...Luft von anderem Planeten... Lyrik - Musik - Schönberg - Raumfahrt".

5-6 May 2011: Space for Civil Protection Workshop

4 April 2011: 50th anniversary of UNCOPUOS and its Legal Subcommittee: Perspectives for space law

26 March 2011: IISL Board of Directors holds meeting at ESPI

10 February 2011: "Humans in Outer Space" presented to UNCOPUOS delegations

25 January 2011: Review of the Belgian EU Council Presidency at ESPI

17-18 January 2011: ESPI Conference "European Autonomy in Space"



15 December 2010: Stakeholders workshop on SatCom hosted by ESPI

4 November 2010: Workshop on regulatory issues relating to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

9 September 2010: 4th Autumn Conference held at ESPI

8 September 2010: ESPI and Filmarchiv Austria host evening on science fiction in Austrian movies

2 July 2010: Inauguration of the IAP Ambassador Platform for the CEE Region at ESPI

24 June 2010: ESPI hosts conference jointly organised with the Eisenhower Center for Space and Defense Studies

24 June 2010: European stakeholders workshop on European-African partnership

23 June 2010: Event on the review of the Spanish EU Council Presidency

17 June 2010: ESPI opens exhibition "..from heaven to space..."

11 June 2010: Visit of Major General Susan J. Helms, Director, USSTRATCOM at ESPI

9 June 2010: Italian Master Course visits ESPI

27 May 2010: Astronauts join at ESPI to discuss cultural backgrounds of human space flight

22 April 2010: A busy week at ESPI (The IFSH Master Course at ESPI)

 9 April 2010: ESPI hosts conference on regulatory issues in Earth observation

15 February 2010: Chairperson of EISC 2010, Liana Dumitrescu, visits ESPI 
10 February 2010: ESPI holds European - African Roundtable



9 December 2009: Book presentation at ESPI: "Österreichs Weg in den Weltraum", Bruno P. Besser, Beauchesne Editeur

30 November 2009: AIES/ESPI Workshop: "Space and Maritime Security - Strategies and Capabilities to Counter Piracy"

23 November 2009: "Young ESA" visits ESPI

12-13 November 2009: ESPI Conference "European Identity through Space"

17 September 2009: 3rd ESPI Autumn Conference

25 June 2009: ESPI opens exhibition

 8 June 2009: ESPI holds Latin American - European Roundtable

7 June 2009: ESPI hosts 10 year anniversary of SGAC

28 May 2009: Space and Internal Security - Developing a Concept for the Use of Space Assets to Assure a Secure Europe

18 May 2009: Book presentation at ESPI: “Aufbruch in den Weltraum - Geheime Raumfahrtprogramme, dramatische Pannen und faszinierende Erlebnisse russischer Kosmonauten“, Gerhard Hertenberger, Seifert Verlag

15 May 2009: Workshop: Policy Aspects of Third Party Liability in Satellite Navigation - Preparing a Roadmap for Europe

15-17 April 2009: COSPAR Workshop on Planetary Protection for Outer Space Satellites

31 March 2009: ESA - ESPI/Euroconsult/Milbank Conference "The Future of Public-Private-Partnerships in Satellite Communications

27 March 2009: Project meeting on space regulations

22 March 2009: Meeting of Board of Directors of IISL



20-21 November 2008: IAA/ESPI/SWF Workshop "The Fair and Responsible Use of Space: an International Perspective"

9-10 October 2008: ESPI holds conference with the European Academy for Research on the Consequences of Scientific and Technical Developments

10-11 September 2008: Second ESPI Autumn Conference

18 June 2008: ESPI opens exhibition
12 June 2008: ISRO Chairman Nair meets the media at ESPI

2 June 2008: Two events at ESPI

9 May 2008: IAA Regional Meeting hosted by ESPI

9 April 2008: UNCOPUOS delegations hosted by ESPI

1 April 2008: Secretary General of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) visits ESPI

7 March 2008: Director of UNOOSA visits ESPI 

7 March 2008: Experts discuss relationship between space industry and academia

11 January 2008: ESPI hosts world's leading space lawyers


10-11 December 2007: Conference: Threats, Risks and Sustainability - Answers by Space

24 October 2007: Visit of heads of ESA and FFG

19 October 2007: Experts brainstorm at ESPI on technology innovation for 
the space sector

16 October 2007: Book presentation at ESPI 

13-14 September 2007: First ESPI Autumn Conference

6 September 2007: Expert meeting at ESPI on "Space Situational Awareness" 

11 June 2007: 6th Space Breakfast, John M. Logsdon

15 February 2007: 5th Space Breakfast, B.N. Suresh



16 November 2006: 4th Space Breakfast, Michael A.G. Michaud

26 September 2006: 3rd Space Breakfast, Rolf Skaar

8 June 2006: 2nd Space Breakfast, James V. Zimmerman 

6 April 2006: 1st Space Breakfast, Gérard Brachet