The ESPI library has been established to meet the needs of ESPI projects and also to support  the work of external researchers. The general subject field is space policy at large.

The library catalogue of monographs, ESA publications, electronic resources and a broad scope of 'grey materials' such as reports, conference proceedings, references to journals as well as newspaper articles can be searched in an electronic accessible database.

ESPI provides an open access library which is mainly a reference library. External users are welcome to use the library within the premises following prior arrangement. Loans are possible to a certain extent and for a limited amount of time. Items are shelved according to the classified shelving system shaped by the following main themes of space policy namely: Space Policy, Space Programmes, Space Applications (earth observation, navigation etc.) and Science & Technology.

The library is subscribed on journals and newspapers such as Astropolitics, Aviation Week and Space Technology, CAP – Communication Astronomy to the Public, Foreign Affairs, Inside GNSS, Space News, Space Policy, The Messenger and ZLW - Zeitschrift für Luft- und Weltraumrecht.

For further information please write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To search the documentation please consult the Electronic Catalogue