sgac.jpg 20 June 2008. Today, ESPI renewed its cooperation agreement with the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) thus continuing a close and successful partnership.

ESPI has been hosting the SGAC for three years now in its premises in Vienna. Through this, cooperation emerged in various fields leading to cross-participation and presentations in events as well as publications. In renewing the cooperation agreement, both organizations will further develop the potential this partnership brings to ESPI as a think tank and SGAC as a global network of young space enthusiasts. (see webnews of SGAC)

SGAC has been created at the Third United Nations Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Space (UNISPACE-III) in Vienna in 1999. Its focus is on pragmatic space policy advise to policy makers based on the interests of students and young professionals, broadly in the age range 18-35, interested in space from around the world. In addition to policy advice its members carry out a range of projects including Under African Skies, a grass-roots science teaching project in Africa, Yuri's Night, a World Space Party, an Association for the Development of Aerospace Medicine, and a Global Space Education Curriculum.

Most Recently SGAC has conducted a project to determine youth visions for the next 50 years of space exploration. The first stage of the project saw 900 youth visions supplied in an online survey, which were summarised by a team of youth volunteers and presented at various international forums including ESPI.

The Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) is also a global Network of Networks which brings together students, young professionals, space organisations and other NGOs to present a unified vision for the future exploration of space to the United Nations and other bodies. 


Signing the agreement between ESPI and SGAC.
Standing from left: Ben Baseley-Walker (Co-Chair, SGAC), Agnieszka Lukaszczyk (Executive Officer, SGAC), Kai-Uwe Schrogl (Director, ESPI); sitting from left: Alexander Karl (Co-Chair, SGAC), Michel A. Jakob (Treasurer, ESPI).

photo credits: SGAC, ESPI

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