14 March 2018. The first report of the new “ESPI Springer Briefs” series is now available. Prepared by Alessandra Vernile, the report provides a broad set of information and data on the rise of private actors in the space sector, organized into different topics covering the various trends that have shaped the space sector during the last decade and that characterize the so-called “New Space” dynamic. With the objective to offer a clear, comprehensive and synthetic definition of New Space, the report investigates the following, interrelated trends and discusses emerging opportunities and challenges for the space sector:

  • New entrants in the space sector including large Information and Communications Technology (ICT) firms, start-ups and new business ventures
  • Innovative industrial approaches with announcements and initial developments of ambitious projects based on new processes
  • Disruptive market solutions offering, for example, integrated services, lower prices, reduced lead times, lower complexity or higher performance among other value proposition features
  • Substantial private investment from different sources and involving different funding mechanisms
  • New industry verticals and space markets targeting the provision of new space applications
  • Innovative public procurement and support schemes involving new R&D funding mechanisms and costs/risks sharing arrangements between public and private partners.

The rise of the private actors

About the new series: ESPI SpringerBriefs offer in-depth perspectives and ESPI independent views on a specific space policy issue. The series, edited by ESPI and published by Springer Publications, covers various space-related domains including space policy and strategy, space law and regulatory frameworks, space diplomacy and international relations, space economy or space security among others. Each ESPI Springer Brief explores an important area of space policy development, provides a comprehensive overview of the state of affairs and offers an expert analysis of issues at stake and of implications for the space sector. Information, data and positions provided in ESPI Springer Briefs are the result of a thorough background research including extensive literature review and key stakeholders and experts interviews.

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