14 March 2018. The tenth volume of the “Yearbook on Space Policy” series, edited and co-authored by ESPI Resident Fellows Cenan Al-Ekabi and Stefano Ferretti, has been published by Springer. This edition covers global space related developments in the calendar year 2016, with a thematic focus on Space for Sustainable Development.
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The structure of the Yearbook remains the same as for earlier years, containing a comprehensive overview of the economic, political, technological, and institutional trends that affect space activities in Europe and throughout the world in 2016 as the first part of the book, prepared in-house by ESPI.
The second part of the Yearbook addresses the overall theme from an analytical perspective. This year thirteen contributions are included, bringing together the views of professionals from space agencies, the wider development community, academia, industry and new private actors, as well as European and international institutions aiming at a stronger coordination among space agencies, IGOs, NGOs, the private sector, academia and sustainable development actors. Several key prerequisites for a successful contribution of space activities to the Sustainable Development Goals were identified. For instance, space actors are urged to adopt an end-to-end approach on identifying user needs; to that end, a greater inter-sectoral, inter-institutional (e.g. state and NGO) and international cooperation and information sharing should be sought. Moreover, there is a need to improve technology awareness among all actors to strengthen capacity building, beckoning a formalized cross-sectoral dialogue platform. And there is a need to define basic common requirements serving the Sustainable Development Goals for the next generation of space infrastructure, in order to improve access to space services and enhance international cooperation. The contributions in the second part of the Yearbook help to put forward concrete proposals for improved dialogue and cooperation.
The third part carries forward the character of the Yearbook as an archive of space activities prepared in-house by ESPI, providing a comprehensive bibliography, chronology and data on ESA member states and relevant space- faring nations. In its entirety, ESPI’s Yearbook on Space Policy fills a niche in communicating space policy and space related issues to decision makers and to the broader public.

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Yearbook on Space Policy

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