06 July 2017. Considered as key sovereignty assets, spaceports have historically been funded and supported by governments as part of autonomous or independent access to space strategies. Over the last few years though, spaceports have increasingly raised interest of private companies eager to rely on new, cost-effective, infrastructure to provide commercial launch services. Driven by an expected growth of the commercial space transportation demand in particular for space tourism and small vehicles-based launch services, the number of spaceport projects greatly increased recently. What are the stakes for this new generation of spaceports? Download the brief here:

30 June 2017. ESPI and ESA jointly organized In Brussels the conference “Space and SATCOM for 5G - European Transport and Connected Mobility” on 27-28 June 2017. The Conference was very well attended by distinguished representatives from the European Parliament, European Commission (DG-CONNECT, DG-MOVE and DG-GROW), Space Agencies, industry and operators and by representatives of the transport sector at large.ESA was represented by a wide delegation led by TIA Director, Magali Vaissiere, and the Head of the Programme Officer, Hermann Ludwig Moeller, while ESPI was represented by its Director, Jean-Jacques Tortora, and Resident Fellow, Stefano Ferretti.

Read more: Outcome of ESPI-ESA Conference on "Space and SATCOM for 5G - European Transport and Connected...

29 June 2017. At the occasion of the Vienna Conference on Strategy, Dr. Annette Froehlich gave a talk on the strategic use of outer space at the NDA (National Defence Academy).

Read more: Talk on strategic use of outer space

26 June 2017. On 21 June ESA and 16 satellite industry leaders signed a joint statement on their collaboration over ‘Satellite for 5G’ at the Paris Air and Space Show, where ESPI was represented by Resident Fellow Dr. Stefano Ferretti. On 27-28 June 2017  ESPI and ESA are jointly organising the conference Space and SATCOM for 5G - European Transport and Connected Mobility in Brussels. The final programme of the conference is available here.

Read more: ‘Satellite for 5G’ at the Paris Air and Space Show and ESPI-ESA Conference Space and SATCOM for 5G...

22 June 2017. This ESPI evening event aimed to shed light on the current initiatives meant to maintaining a safe, secure and sustainable environment for outer space activities, a multifaceted challenge growing in complexity, requiring convergence on a plethora of technical, policy, legal and political issues.

Read more: Space Security: Some Perspectives, ESPI evening event on 13 June 2017

19 June 2017. On 13 June, ESPI hosted a group of students from the Master in Space Policies and Institutions programme organised by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and Italian Society for International Organization (SIOI).

Read more: Student Visit from the ASI-SIOI Master in Space Policies and Institutions Programme

12 June 2017. On 7 July 2017 ESA and ESPI are jointly organising a Workshop entitled “Space Data & Cloud Computing Infrastructures: Policies and Regulations”, on the premises of ESA/ESRIN in Frascati, Rome, Italy.

The event is open to any interested participant, on a first-come, first served basis (max. 100 participants). Registration is mandatory, and can be done at the Workshop webpage, with deadline 29 June 2017.

The programme of the Workshop is available here.

09 June 2017. At the 60th session of the UNCOPUOS, Dr. Annette Froehlich presented on-going international cooperation projects of ESPI, especially activities with other regional groups and the recently issued Call for Papers for a Global Space Law Competition on “Fresh view on the Outer Space Treaty”.

Read more: COPUOS 60th session, presentation on ESPI international cooperation projects

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