8 December: EU-U.S. Space Policy Conference

13 April: Space Mining between the Space Treaties and the US Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act

24 February 2016: Senior Voices Lunch Event: Ambassador Peter Jankowitsch and Dr David Kendall in dialogue

21-22 September 2015: 9th Autumn Conference "Access to Space and the Evolution of Space Activities"

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11- 12 September 2014: 8th Autumn Conference "The Governance of Space"


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11 November 2013: Space against Youth Unemployment Conference (see webnews here)

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11-12 September 2013: 7th ESPI Autumn Conference "Space in a Changing World"

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Global Trends and their Impact on Space, by Nayef Al-Rodhan

The situation of emerging space nations: South America, by Robert Harding

The situation of emerging space nations: India and Asia in general, by Ajey Lele

Russia, space and a changing world, by Oleg Karasev

Space, Technology and Warfare: Applying the Laws of Armed Conflict to a Changing World, by Steven Freeland

New Space for Security? Geopolitics and Sustainability in a Changing World, by Columba Peoples

The change in space and the consequences for Europe, by Arne Lahcen


11 April 2013: Evening event on "The Relevance of General International Law for Debris Questions"

11 April 2013: Part 1- Prof. Steven Freeland

11 April 2013
: Part 2- Prof. Barry Kellman

11 April 2013: Part 3- Prof. David Koplow

11 April 2013: Part 4- Peter Hulsroj

11 April 2013: Part 5 - Conclusions

20 June 2012: Humanitarian Telemedicine at ESPI (see webnews here)

15 May 2012: An extraordinary evening in Paris with Roy Gibson and André Lebeau (see webnews here)