Starting from November 2016, the well-known ESPI publication series “ESPI Perspectives” has been overhauled and retitled “Voices from the Space Community”.

While this new series retains many key aspects that made its predecessor a successful and popular publication, with more than 70 contributions over the years, a number of changes were adopted in order to ensure the quality of the series, a faster publication process, and ultimately a broader participation and free exchange of ideas.

In its “Voices for the Space Community” series ESPI welcomes the submission of short papers, from both experts as well as young professionals, students and the general public, presenting a concise analysis on innovative ideas in the field of space policy. Topics can also cover the space economy, the societal impacts of space technology, outstanding issues in space law as well as space security, and more.

As an externally-submitted and completely independent contribution, it is important to underline that the “Voice” does not represent in any case the view and position of ESPI. Thus, ESPI reserves itself a right of reply on the content or opinion expressed in the paper, at discretion of the ESPI Director. This would take the form of a brief note or comment at the end of the manuscript, of which the author will be informed prior the publication.

To ensure a smooth review and editing process, which will be conducted on a joint basis with the author, we highly recommend not to exceed four pages in length, and to provide exhaustive references. We further invite authors to submit their paper using the template available here.

For further information, and to submit your “Voice”, please write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Voices 81 Could the next long term economic cycle be that of space? 
Voices from the Space Community 81
by: Nicolas Bouzou
published: November 2017
Voices 80 Space 4.0 A guiding Vision for ESA 
Voices from the Space Community 80
by: Isabelle Duvaux-Béchon and Ulrike Bohlmann
published: November 2017
voice 78 ESA Engagement with PNT Sectors:
The NAVISP Programme, a Key Enabler for Innovation
Voices from the Space Community 79
by: Pierluigi Mancini
published: October 2017
voice 78 Space - a Soft Power Tool for Europe?
Voices from the Space Community 78
by: Tomas Hrozensky
published: November 2016

Below are listed all the publications of the former ESPI Perspective series.


77 Tile Antiterrorisme Sans Frontières: Using the Global Commons of Space for a Common Response to a Common Threat
ESPI Perspectives 77
by: Kiran Krishnan Nair
published: May 2016
Cover76 Space Diplomacy: Shedding Light on the Current Initiatives to Prevent Conflict in Outer Space
ESPI Perspectives 76
by: Maximilian Betmann
published: April 2016
ESPI Perspectives 75 Enabling SATCOMS in the EU Space Programme: Setting the CSDP Priorities Straight
ESPI Perspectives 75
by: Alexandros Kolovos
published: February 2016
ESPI Perspective 74 From MDGs to SDGs: Why Now is the Time to Further Integrate Space into Development
ESPI Perspectives 74
by: Elisabeth Veit
published: December 2015
ESPI perspective 73 The Role of Government in EO Services: Influence of Government Policies over the EO Services Sector
ESPI Perspectives 73
by: Geoff Sawyer
published: November 2015
ESPI Perspective 72 Earth Observation and International Security
ESPI Perspectives 72
by: Philipp Olbrich and Nina Witjes
published: September 2015
espi perspectives 71 Eavesdropping from Space
ESPI Perspectives 71
by: Pat Norris
published: February 2015
espi perspective 70 Space Governance Options for Reconciling the Hazards, Hype & Hope of Humans on Mars
ESPI Perspectives 70
by: Kiran Krishnan Nair
published: October 2014
ESPI Perspective 69 One-Way Ticket to Mars? No!
ESPI Perspectives 69
by: Alexandra Bonnefoy, Harry Eyres, Peter Hulsroj, Serge Plattard
published: March 2014
espi perspectives 68 Can ‘One-Way Tickets’ Serve as a Basis for Planetary Exploration in our Solar System? Why Not?
ESPI Perspectives 68
by: Arne Lahcen, Cenan Al-Ekabi, Nathalie Armellin
published: February 2014
espi perspectives 67 Extracting General Principles of Law from the UN COPUOS Legal Subcommittee Work with National Legislation
ESPI Perspectives 67
by: Diane Howard
published: August 2013
espi perspectives 66 Regionalisation of Space Activities in Asia?
ESPI Perspectives 66
by: Marco Aliberti
published: April 2013
espi perspectives 65 European-Russian Space Cooperation in 2030: From Commercial Partnerships to Common Exploration Programmes?
ESPI Perspectives 65
by: Eva Avrillon
published: February 2013
espi perspectives 64 Planetary Protection in Future Solar System Exploration
ESPI Perspectives 64
by: Arne Lahcen
published: December 2012
espi perspective 63 v2 EU Crisis Management and the Security Dimension of GMES
ESPI Perspectives 63
by: Nikolay Pavlov
published: November 2012
espi perspectives 62 Revisiting "Envoys of Mankind" in the Era of Commercial Human Spaceflight
ESPI Perspectives 62
by: Cenan Al-Ekabi
published: October 2012
espi_perspectives_61 Status of Europe’s Space Cooperation with Asia
ESPI Perspectives 61
by: Jana Robinson and Fabien Evrard
published: July 2012
espi_perspectives_60 Latest National Regulations on Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Military and Civil Aviation in Poland
ESPI Perspectives 60
by: Małgorzata Polkowska
published: May 2012
espi_perspectives_59 The Appropriateness of Public-Private Partnerships for SatCom in Delivering the Digital Agenda
ESPI Perspectives 59
by: Veronica La Regina and Chris Wilkins
published: April 2012
espi_perspectives_58 A European Approach to the New Strategic Space Environment
ESPI Perspectives 58
by: Lars Höstbeck and Eva Bernhardsdotter
published: March 2012
espi_perspectives_57 Space Activities and Governance in the Role of Regional Authorities: Belgium Case Study
ESPI Perspectives 57
by: Maarten Adriaensen and Philippe Erhard
published: February 2012
espi_perspectives_56 Is There Space for the UN? Trends in Outer Space and Cyberspace Regime Evolution
ESPI Perspectives 56
by: Larry Martinez
published: January 2012
espi_perspectives_55 The Structure and Dynamics of the European Space Industry Base
ESPI Perspectives 55
by: Keith Hayward
published: December 2011
espi_perspectives_54 Seeking Harmonisation: European Space Export Control at the Crossroads
ESPI Perspectives 54
by: Rosa Rosanelli
published: November 2011

Cooperation between Japan and Europe in the Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Field
ESPI Perspectives 53
by: Yoshinori Kobayashi
published: October 2011

ESPI_Perspectives_52 Space Debris Removal for a Sustainable Space Environment
ESPI Perspectives 52
by: Christopher Lehnert
published: September 2011
espi_perspectives_51 Space Activities: Ukraine Looking for New Developments
ESPI Perspectives 51
by: Michel Laffaiteur, Oleg Fedorov and Sergey Gerasymchuk
published: August 2011
espi_perspectives_50 Space as Environment: On the Way to Sustainable Space Policy?
ESPI Perspectives 50
by: Volker von Prittwitz
published: August 2011
espi_perspectives_49 Perspectives on Anchoring the Utilisation of EGNOS/Galileo and GMES and Other Space Applications
ESPI Perspectives 49
by: Vladimir Remek and Christina Giannopapa
published: July 2011
espi_perspectives_48 Reconsidering the Military Axis of the Chinese Space Programme
ESPI Perspectives 48
by: Alain De Neve
published: June 2011
espi_perspectives_47 Perspectives for Space Law - Experts’ Views on the Status and Future of Space Law
ESPI Perspectives 47
by: Mildred Trögeler, Cenan Al-Ekabi and Olga Mozolina
published: May 2011
espi_perspectives_46 European Commission Communication “Towards a space strategy for the European Union that benefits its citizens” - Towards a Lisbon Generation Competence?
ESPI Perspectives 46
by: Matxalen Sanchez Aranzamendi
published: May 2011

Social Sciences and Humanities in Research on Space Exploration: Results of a Bibliometric Analysis
ESPI Perspectives 45
by: Roberta Daveri and Gerhard Thiele
published: March 2011


Traffic Management for Responsive Space: The Mega-trend for Space Activities in the Decades to Come
ESPI Perspectives 44
by: Kai-Uwe Schrogl
published: February 2011


UFOs and Exogenous Intelligence Encounters
ESPI Perspectives 43
by: Philippe Ailleris
published: January 2011


International Cooperation in the New U.S. Space Policy: Opportunities for Europe
ESPI Perspectives 42
by: Spyros Pagkratis
published: December 2010

ESPI Perspectives 41

Russia’s Earth Observation Activities: Overview and Prospects for Expanded Cooperation with Europe
ESPI Perspectives 41
by: Jana Robinson and Christophe Venet
published: November 2010


NATO and Space: Why is Space Relevant for NATO?
ESPI Perspectives 40
by: Nina-Louisa Remuss
published: October 2010


Challenges for Europe in Space
ESPI Perspectives 39
by: Veronica La Regina and Giulia Pastorella
published: September 2010


Evaluating the Potential for International Cooperation in Future U.S. Human Spaceflight Programmes
ESPI Perspectives 38
by: Dan Hendrickson
published: August 2010

ESPI Perspectives 37

European Identity through Space – How to Make Public Opinion Instrumental
ESPI Perspectives 37
by: Marcus Hornung
published: August 2010

ESPI Perspectives 36

Towards a New Era in Transatlantic Cooperation
ESPI Perspectives 36
by: Amb. Peter Jankowitsch
published: July 2010


Improving EU-Latin American Space Cooperation- Lessons from the Bilateral Experience
ESPI Perspectives 35
by: Bernardo Dos Santos
published: July 2010


The Hague Code of Conduct Against Ballistic Missile Proliferation: “Lessons Learned” for the European Union Draft Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities
ESPI Perspectives 34
by: Lucia Marta
published: June 2010


Ottawa in Space? –Reversing the Burden of Proof Regarding Space Weapons
ESPI Perspectives 33
by: Max Mutschler
published: June 2010


Next Steps on a Code of Conduct for Responsible Space-Faring Nations
ESPI Perspectives 32
by: Samuel Black
published: May 2010


Common but Differentiated Responsibilities for Space Debris – New Impetus for a Legal Appraisal of Outer Space Pollution
ESPI Perspectives 31
by: Peter Stubbe
published: March 2010


The Economic Potential of Space – Towards a Long-Term Perspective
ESPI Perspectives 30
by: Christophe Venet
published: February 2010


The European Interparliamentary Space Conference (EISC)- Past, Present, Future
ESPI Perspectives 29
by: Nina-Louisa Remuß
published: December 2009


Relativity of Norms and Disarmament in Outer Space – What Role will the European Draft Code of Conduct Play?
ESPI Perspectives 28
by: Tare C. Brisibe
published: October 2009

espi perspectives 27.jpg

The European Space Policy - Its Impact and Challenges for the European Security and Defence Policy
ESPI Perspectives 27
by: Alexandros Kolovos
published: September 2009

espi perspectives 26_1.jpg

Efforts, Motivation and Benefits of Spaceflight - A Brief Guide for Space Advocates and Decision-Makers
ESPI Perspectives 26
by: Markus Schiller
published: August 2009

espi perspectives 25_1.jpg

The Case of GMES as a Support Tool to Meet the Millennium Development Goals - Recommendations for the Current and Upcoming EU Council Presidencies in 2010 on Space Applications and Sustainable Development in Africa  
ESPI Perspectives 25
by: Raphaelle Delmotte
published: August 2009

espi perspectives 24 _1.jpg

Europe’s Plan for Innovation – How Can Space Technology Contribute to Solve the Economic Crisis?
ESPI Perspectives 24
by: Heike Steffens
published: July 2009

espi_perspectives _23.jpg

Towards a UN Space Policy
ESPI Perspectives 23
by: Amb. Ciro Arévalo Yepes
published: June 2009

espi perspectives 22_1.jpg

The Need for Timeous Completion of the Preliminary Draft Protocol to the Cape Town Convention on Matters Specific to Space Assets
ESPI Perspectives 22
by: Daniel A. Porras
published: May 2009

espi perspectives21.jpg

Space Power and Europe in the 21st Century
ESPI Perspectives 21
by: Nicolas Peter
published: April 2009

espi perspectives 20.jpg

INSPIRE: A Real Step Forward in Building an Interoperable and Unified Spatial Information Infrastructure for Europe?
ESPI Perspectives 20
by: Catherine Doldirina
published: March 2009

espi perspectives 19.jpg

The European Union Draft Code of Conduct - An Opportunity for Japanese-European Cooperation
ESPI Perspectives 19
by: Yukiko Kodachi
published: March 2009


Governance of Space Activities in the Evolving European Framework- How to Achieve Coherence and Effectiveness?
ESPI Perspectives 18
by: Kai-Uwe Schrogl, Charlotte Mathieu, Jean Bruston and Sebastian Rieder
published: February 2009


The Need to Counter Space Terrorism - A European Perspective
ESPI Perspectives 17
by: Nina-Louisa Remuß
published: January 2009

espi perspectives 16.jpg

Space Situational Awareness (SSA) for Europe. A First Important Step
ESPI Perspectives 16
by: Wolfgang Rathgeber
published: December 2008

espi perspectives 15.jpg

Autonomy in human spaceflight. Towards a Strategic Perspective for Europe
ESPI Perspectives 15
by: Mischa Hansel
published: November 2008


The Moon Agreement: Its effectiveness in  the 21st century
ESPI Perspectives 14
by: Antonella Bini
published: October 2008

espi perspectives 13_1.jpg

Moon, planets, orbits and charity - think egregiously!
ESPI Perspectives 13
by: Irena Bido
published: September 2008


Considerations for a NATO Space Policy
ESPI Perspectives 12
by: Thomas Single
published: September 2008


The French Act relating to space activities. From international law idealism to national industrial pragmatism
ESPI Perspectives 11
by: Bernhard Schmidt-Tedd and Isabelle Arnold
published: August 2008


Digitally divided in telecommunications - What can lesser developed countries expect?
ESPI Perspectives 10
by: Julia Neumann
published: August 2008


Galileo goes global
What to expect from Europe in establishing the navigation satellite "system-of-systems" 
ESPI Perspectives 9
by: Katharina Stoffl
published: July 2008


In need of a European regulation for private human space flight
ESPI Perspectives 8
by: Julie Abou Yehia
published: June 2008


Africa - The future space-faring continent
Opportunities for African-European cooperation

ESPI Perspectives 7
by: Irena Bido
published: May 2008

espi perspectives 6_1.jpg

"GMES and Africa" A hopeful case for Euro-African cooperation in space development
ESPI Perspectives 6
by: Pierre-Henri Pisani
published: April 2008



More affordable satellite launchings
ESPI Perspectives 5
by: Rolf Skaar
published: April 2008


flashreport5_php_ kus1.jpg

European leaders charter course for space
ESPI Flash Report 4
by: Pierre-Henri Pisani
published: March 2008


Space Traffic Management
The new comprehensive approach for regulating the use of outer space
ESPI Flash Report 3
by: Kai-Uwe Schrogl
published: October 2007


Security and defence in the European space policy
ESPI Flash Report 2
by: Marcel Dickow
published: June 2007


The European Space Policy: Europe’s new compass
ESPI Flash Report 1
by: Nicolas Peter and Serge Plattard
published: May 2007